Despite the benevolent aims of most charities, many encounter challenges that can impede their growth or even their very survival.  The additional rules and regulations, and bureaucracy that charities need to comply with can be constraining.  Our experts understand compliance requirements and audit regulation and always try to make these processes easy to traverse.  More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Complying with HMRC regulation
  • Complying with rules of the Charities Commission
  • Working with the leadership and/or management team to:
    • develop strategic focus to achieve your objectives
    • identify forthcoming challenges that may/will affect your organisation
  • Providing independent advice on mergers or new initiatives
  • Developing solutions to manage or overcome operational challenges connected with IT, HRM, Payroll, Tax, Corporation Tax and Gift Aid
  • Developing solutions to funding challenges
  • Managing, eliminating or reducing operational and financial risk
  • Performing audit reviews on governance and financial performance

Irrespective of your size or whether you operate in health, welfare, education, religious, conservation, medicine, or housing sector, we can help you.  To find out how, please contact us.


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