Dispute Advisory

It’s almost impossible to be in business and not be faced with dispute situations. These can drain valuable resources, cost substantial amounts of money, consume precious management time and affect employee morale and operations. Situations can also become unnecessarily severe when emotions become intense.

Normally, it’s in the interest of all parties to come to a mutually satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible, and thankfully, most issues are resolved without too much effort or expense. However, at other times, you may benefit from expert advice from experienced professionals. So, regardless of whether you face disputes connected with business partners, suppliers, or customers, we can help by assisting you to take legal action and take cases to court; preparing expert witness statements and forensic investigation reports; or providing informal or formal setting and negotiating a settlement. However, if your case requires the involvement of barristers and/or specialist solicitors, we can refer you to professionals that we work with.

Regardless of the amount of assistance you require from us, we will seek to listen and understand, and work with you to help you achieve your aims.

To learn more about how we can assist you in dispute situations, please contact our office.


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