Financial Modelling

It’s difficult to make important business decisions at the best of times and making wrong decisions can result in unintended consequences costing valuable time and money. Consequently, it’s in the interest of every business leader to consider the use of financial models to help make the right decisions. But what is financial modelling and what are the qualities of a good model?

Financial modelling is the process in which key metrics are used to test hypothetical scenarios to help make all sorts of decisions related to business, investment strategy, share pricing, financing, capital, acquisitions etc. Therefore, to develop a good model requires historical and current data from different parts of the business (e.g. accounts, finance, operations, HRM); analysis of such data using appropriate tools and metrics; and use of relevant and important assumptions. For the final model to be valuable and beneficial, the information should be well laid out, visually appealing, relatively easy and simple to understand, and focused on core issues.

ATN Partnership offers business owners, leaders and managers the opportunity to utilise its expertise to design financial models that provide important, useful and practical information.

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