Tax Enquries and Tax Investigations

HMRC’s intention to identify and punish individuals and companies which breach UK tax law has never waned.  In fact, HMRC and other regulatory organisations across the UK and internationally, have continued to invest in technology, establish rules and regulations, and share information in order to discover those who are attempting to avoid paying their tax obligations.

For those caught in non-compliance situations, the penalties can be severe and can include financial penalties, retrospective charges, criminal convictions and imprisonment.  Therefore, it’s no understatement to say that if you’re contacted by HMRC in relation to tax inquiries or tax investigations, we strongly recommend that you should seek qualified advice from experienced professionals.

Having dealt with HMRC for decades, we know that it can be inconvenient, difficult and awkward, and that’s why our clients trust us to represent them.  Moreover, ATN Partnership has helped individuals and companies defend themselves from HMRC charges and either eliminate any potential penalties or reduce them significantly.  In the case of tax inquiries or tax investigations, our service is completely tailored to meet your needs.

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