Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a way to sub-contract elements of business operations to third-party suppliers that may be based locally, nationally or internationally. Moreover, businesses of all sizes, industries and at various stages of their development cycle can benefit from BPO. The main benefits of BPO include reduced operational costs, lower taxes, increased economic and political certainty, greater flexibility in responding to market changes and lower labour costs.

Companies have traditionally outsourced elements of their business such as accounts, payroll, invoicing, IT services, HRM, customer support and sales.

In implementing BPO, it’s important not to overlook the associated risks such as:

  • organising logistics to avoid time delays
  • managing secure transfer and storage of data
  • understanding impact of exposing clients to third party vendors
  • underestimating running costs and challenges
  • not becoming overdependent on vendors

ATN Partnership can help you achieve your BPO objectives by providing expert advice on:

  • Establishing, developing and implementing BPO strategy
  • Managing risks associated with BPO
  • Carrying out your outsourced services such as:
    • management accounts
    • financial reporting
    • bookkeeping
    • payroll
    • tax and VAT compliance
    • Human Resource Management

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