Forensic Investigations

In accountancy, forensic investigations involve the detailed search and analysis of financial information (e.g. source documents, physical and electronic records) to find out what happened.  This normally requires trained forensic accountants, who sometimes work with legal and IT professionals to investigate deception, corruption and economic crime. These professionals work together to formulate and execute a strategy that will uncover financial wrongdoing.

Like disputes, forensic investigations can be extremely time consuming and they require an in-depth understanding of bookkeeping and accounts in order to identify tiny clues left by potential perpetrators of the financial crime. The dishonest action could be as a result of bribery, stealing assets, cybercrime, money laundering, violation of regulation, breach of company policy, abuse of authority, or share price manipulation. The consequences of such forensic investigations can be serious for the guilty parties.

In today’s computer reliant environment, the expertise of IT professionals has also become increasingly important, and fraudsters are finding ever more ingenious ways to extort money.  Therefore, whether you require the skills of accounting or computer forensics experts, we can assist. Our team of seasoned experts will work with you or your appointed representatives to investigate and report on our findings so that you can take the appropriate action and implement necessary procedures to prevent similar situations occurring in the future.

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