Financial Due Diligence

With accurate, comprehensive and timely information, it’s easy to make wise decisions. Carrying out carefully planned due diligence will increase the likelihood of this happening.

Although due diligence is an important practice that is undertaken to determine the viability of a transaction, it’s often poorly planned and executed. Consequently, when done incorrectly, it can cost individuals and companies valuable time and resources.

In the case of a sale of business, the due diligence exercise can be carried out by the vendor and buyer. Clearly, each party will have its own objectives, and the professional carrying out the due diligence exercise may have limited access to the required data (historical and forecasted). However, what’s more important is the ability of the professional to ask the right questions, source the essential data, analyse the relevant results and form appropriate conclusions. Fortunately, our team of accountants have the knowledge and experience to plan and perform research, analyse the findings and provide recommendations in an easy-to-understand format. Our standard due diligence report will contain:

  • a summary of our findings
  • outline of the important issues identified from the due diligence process (including pertinent financial and operational data and risk analysis)
  • post-decision considerations
  • recommendations for further action

With the above information to hand, you will have the relevant information to make decisions right for you and your business.

To find out how we can help you with this important part of the decision-making process, contact one of our Partners.


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