Information Technology

Innovation in the information technology sector has been unmatched.  It has enabled technology company owners to achieve phenomenal financial success and rapid company growth.  In addition, it has helped other businesses to achieve their goals.  However, this level of success does not come without risk and challenges.  Technology businesses must navigate intellectual property issues, talent acquisition and retention, prudent financial management and the ability to be agile in order to adapt to market conditions and customer requirements.

ATN Partnership can help technology company owners and managers to:

  • identify and mitigate risk (financial and operational);
  • take advantage of market opportunities;
  • understand tax implications of different ownership structures, remuneration packages for employees and project finance options;
  • how to attract and retain talented employees; and
  • how to attract funding from traditional sources (e.g. banks) or modern approaches (crowd funding).

To find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals, please contact our team.